Training Academy

Training Academy

Future of the Digital Economy | Business in the Metaverse

A four-part practical training designed to help you understand the value Web3 and the metaverse economy can bring to your business.

The experience will utilize the latest VR technology and is led by expert international facilitators.

  • Understand the core principles of Web3, it’s history and roots, study examples of both successful and failed Web3 strategies within the key industries such as E-Commerce, Fintech, automotive, real-estate and others
  • Understand the value of NFTs as a new way of communication between brands and customers and the new era of two-way conversation between involved parties
  • Explore the basic trilemma of blockchain and how to manage expectations of different blockchains. The relationship between speed, cost and reliability and how it impacts their blockchain decision making when launching their Web3 products
  • Privacy, security and ethics of blockchain industries and how to overcome Web2 related problems while navigating this new and uncharted territory



Apply if you run a Digital Economy Startup

Applications Open

Apply if you meet the mentioned criteria.

You will receive confirmation if you have been successfully enrolled by November 1st

4-Week Educational Series (hybrid)
December 5th – 12th

4-Part Training Academy

The classes will run on two consecutive Mondays and Wednesdays from 3pm – 7pm.​ Join virtually or in person at the SEE Research Facility, Dubai​

Post-Program Support
January 2023​​

Post-Program Support​

  • Mentorship support for top businesses
  • Access to sustainable city co-working facility
  • Speaking opportunities at Dubai Chamber of Digital Economy major May 2023 event
Post-Program Success Stories
May 2023​​

Post-Program Success Stories​​

An opportunity for you to share your training academy insights and business milestones during Dubai Chamber of Digital Economy major event in May 2023​​​

Is this program for you?

Do you run a Dubai based digital startup? 


Do you run an internationally based digital startup but interested in exploring the Dubai market?​

Has your business been operating for less than 5 years?​

Are you interested in how Web3 can and the metaverse expand your client reach and grow your sales?​