Market Access for Corporates, Government, Investors

Welcome to the Market Access Program of Dubai Chamber of Digital Economy: Fostering Economic Growth through Global Business Collaborations in Dubai

The Market Access Program plays a vital role in supporting Dubai’s digital economy by connecting global businesses with Dubai-based corporates, government, and investors.

The businesses applying to the Market Access Program are actively seeking support and growth opportunities in Dubai. The Market Access Program extends its support to both the local and international ecosystems.

The businesses participating in the program are sought through targeted meetings, roadshows, visits from delegations, and collaboration with Dubai Chambers’ global offices. The Market Access Program targets diverse tech businesses servicing various sectors, such as retail, healthcare, education, manufacturing, sustainability, and more.

Expectations from your Organization:

  • Assign a main point of contact authorized to have meetings on behalf of the organization and can reach out internally within the organization to set up meetings with the relevant departments depending on product and service offerings.
  • Provide feedback to the Dubai Chamber of Digital Economy on the status of the introductions with the businesses.
  • Agree on an internal timeline for the finalization of the collaboration with the business introduced to you through the program.

Program Overview and Expectations

Program Stages – Corporate, Government, Investors

Application Stage
Stage 01

Application Stage

Qualification and Selection Stage
Stage 02

Corporate, Government, Investors Onboarding Stage

Requirements Identification Stage
Stage 03

Requirement Identification Stage​

Introduction to Corporates, Government, Investors Stage
Stage 04

Matchmaking and Introduction Stage

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