Market Access for Businesses

Welcome to the Market Access Program of Dubai Chamber of Digital Economy!

The Market Access Program is for tech businesses who are looking for business opportunities and unbiased guidance to support their growth efforts in Dubai.

  • Unparalleled Networking Opportunities: Access to a wide network of corporate and government entities actively seeking innovative solutions.
  • Tailored Matching Process: The Market Access Program works with you to identify the most suitable corporate or government entities in Dubai to have an initial business discussion with.
  • Accelerated Market Entry: The program expedites your market entry process by making introductions to organizations.
  • Unbiased Guidance and Support: Our team of experienced professionals provides you with comprehensive guidance and strategic advice.

Program Benefits

Progam Stages

Application Stage
Stage 01

Application Stage

Qualification and Selection Stage
Stage 02

Qualification and Selection Stage

Requirements Identification Stage
Stage 03

Requirements Identification Stage​

Introduction to Corporates, Government, Investors Stage
Stage 04

Introduction to Corporates, Government, Investors Stage​​

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